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How is the market? The market is strong. Intown homes are selling and selling fast. For the first time in many years Agents are complaining to me that there is no inventory. I have stories for you of agents writing offers on the hood of their car to get their offer in first. What year was that you say? 2012. If you price your home correctly, it will sell.

As it was around the time of the olympics, the intown Atlanta Market is coming back. If you go outside the perimeter, Atlanta’s own natural boundry, the market is a bit slower. There are still many new PVC sub divisions outside the perimeter and that will take a little longer to come back. With Atlanta such a favorable place to live, I believe outside the perimeter will eventually come back too.

Each day lenders are freeing up credit and with easier credit you will get more buyers. We didn’t get in this situation over night and we surely will not come out of it over night. I am selling homes today to buyers that had to do short sales two years ago and it is nice to see it come full circle. Buyers that said to me two years ago that they would never buy again are suddenly looking to purchase.

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